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Balisong (Butterfly Knife)
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Toni Morrison, Beloved

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let’s do a weird headcanon thing.


1. What they smell like: 
He tries to smell as neutral as possible, though usually carries some scent of cigarettes and light aftershave. 
2. What music they enjoy: 
Jazz, big band, anything of the general 20’s/30’s era.
3. How much time they spend getting ready every morning: 
Quite a bit, usually only just because he’s so slow to wake up. His entire routine could take a matter of minutes if he really wanted, but it never does.
4. Their favorite thing to collect: 
Items from teammates
5. Left or right-handed:
Right Handed 
6. Religion (if any): 
7. Favorite sport: 
Gymnastics is about all he does.
8. Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling: 
He doesn’t get to travel enough anymore to really be a tourist. 

9. Favorite kind of weather: 
Sunny, but not hot. Maybe with a small breeze. Just give him a warm fall afternoon and he’ll be the happiest cat Spy.
10. A weird/obscure fear they have:
Large insects. Small ones he can manage, once they start getting big, he reverts into a nervous little girl.
11. The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail: 
Anything involving ‘chance’.  Those are the games he knows how to manipulate.


Balisong (Butterfly Knife)
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I touch myself whenever I think about you. More specifically, I rub my temples because I get a headache because you’re awful. 

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Anonymous ;  
Why did you not want to go? Obviously you have some issue.

I hate outdoors, I do not like camping, and I do not hunt. I would be terrible company. Why would I want to go?

He needs time wizh someone who can share his interests where I do not. It will be good for him.

Jul 23 · 3 days ago